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I dont know you.

Well here i am, ready to share deep thoughts, personal secrets and opinions with the public. why ? because here we all are, doing jobs that we never wanted to do, being people we never thought we would be. here we are being adults (most of us) and yet it was only maybe ten years ago all i could think about was growing up.

Its not all down hill, being an adult has its perks, i assume you don’t need a list. Now that i am hear its easy to see the things i had previously taken for granted and I’m not talking about having someone else to clean up after me, i mean the little things in life that as a young child and even an adolescent, go blissfully noticed, the beautiful view, a family recipe handed down for generations, the capture of a memory forever held in a picture, the grounding you got for telling a fib.

this time between being who i am now and the child i used to be, like everyone else, of course it shaped the person i am today, the little mistakes, the big mistakes, and of course those decisions and secrets that you are supposed to keep forever… or maybe all of it will crumble at your feet. its hard to believe a few little words could change everything about the way i am today.

don’t you have a secret to ?