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I am looking for trouble…

, i am looking for trouble. at least that’s how i feel. situations are hard to manage, especially when there are other factors besides your self to consider. do i really want to hurt the people i love? or is blissful ignorance okay if it saves people pain and disappointment, right now im the only one suffering and that seems fair. 

i get the simple rules of life, don’t hurt people do to others as you would want done to you. but its not like im actually hurting any one, the sticky questions how would i feel if i really did. i spend most of time questioning the person i am, not because i feel like a bad person but because the rest of the world seems to have their morals in order. (obviously some of them don’t). but here i am spending my day to day life in a manner that others would consider immoral, and i feel no guilt, i don’t even feel guilt due to my lack of guilt. am i a bad person ?

here is a guilty question for you..

you love each other, you are both unconditionally happy, but you have a secret one that would make this person hate you, make then hurt and cry and one that would break them, would you tell them to clear your own self conscious?